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Important Changes at CNNHLN [Sep. 13th, 2006|04:32 pm]
CNN Headline News Rocks

[music |Paris Hilton- Turn You On]

No more afternoon coverage on CNNHLN which means No more Thomas Roberts and Kathleen Kennedy. Maybe Headline Prime might get extended and Erica Hill might be bumped from 6pm ET to 5pm ET or Showbiz Tonight may get moved to kick off Headline Prime.
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hey! [Aug. 23rd, 2006|09:26 pm]
CNN Headline News Rocks

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ok, here I am...i admit it, I fall asleep just about every night with ccn's hln channel on! so, I found your group and here I am...

should i stand up now and say: "hi I'm Kriss and Im a cnn-aholic"??

anyway, nice to meet you all. :=>
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Welcome to CNN Headline News Rocks [Aug. 9th, 2006|10:30 am]
CNN Headline News Rocks


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